Main Characters, Watership Down(film)


A member of the Sandleford Warren, where the film opens.  After being advised by his brother, Fiver, he and a group of rabbits leave the warren, to find a new place to call home, which is eventually found on a large hill, Watership Down.


Endowed with the ability to foretell disaster, he attempts to inform the Chief Rabbit that a 'bad danger' is coming to the warren.  Ignoring Fiver's warning, the chief sends him away.  Later, after nightfall, Fiver, Hazel, and the group of rabbits heed Fiver's premonition, and run away from the warren.  Fiver is the first to discover Watership Down.


A member of the Sandleford Owsla, he abandons his rank to follow Fiver and Hazel on their journey.  In a near tragic event, he is almost killed, but fortunately survives.  Although he is a bit egotistical, he proves himself to be a great friend and protector.


The Sandleford Warren's Captain of Owsla, he attempts to arrest the group of fleeing rabbits, only to be overcome by them.  Days later, he meets up with them again in a terrible condition, having barely escaped from a warren called Efrafa, ruled by General Woundwort.  He also informs them that Fiver's warnings had been correct, and that humans had invaded and destroyed the old warren, killing most of its residents.


He is among the band of rabbits who goes with Hazel.  Exceedingly intelligent, he often aids the other rabbits in times of peril on their journey.


In their travels, the rabbits meet Cowslip, who brings them into his warren.  Fiver warns of serious danger, and Hazel and the others soon discover that snares have been placed around the whole area.  After Bigwig becomes trapped in a snare and nearly dies, the rabbits leave under Fiver's advice to continue their search for a better home.


This comical seagull is discovered one day on Watership Down with an injured wing.  He is nursed back to health in Hazel's warren, and he eventually becomes a great friend to all the rabbits, and is essential to the plot of bringing does from Efrafa.

General Woundwort

The tyrannical, supreme ruler of Efrafa.  He allows no rabbits to leave or escape, and those who do manage only by luck.  When Bigwig comes to the warren to free a group of does, Woundwort becomes determined to invade and overthrow Hazel's warren as revenge.


She is one of a number of does who wish to leave Woundwort's warren.  She is befriended by Bigwig, and is among the does who eventually flee with him from Efrafa.  Like Fiver, she also has visions of future events.


After having tried unsuccessfully to escape from Woundwort's warren many times, the Efrafan council rips his ears and makes him stand outside for the other rabbits in the warren to see him, as an example of what will happen to them should they attempt to leave.  He joins Bigwig and the does when they flee Efrafa for Watership Down.