Profile of the Chief(me!)


Gender: Female.

Rank: Chief Rabbit.

Physique: Very large, and thus able to rival even the biggest buck.

Fur Color: Glossy black fur, except for a streak of silver between her ears. Longer fur on her chest gives her a proud and regal appearance.

Eye color: A light, almost olive-green.

Age: Unknown.

Background: A messenger of Frith and El-ahrairah, Inlé runs a reasonably-sized warren on a high down. She is a gifted seer, which often helps her to save others in need. She stands by her duty appointed by Frith, to protect, defend, and guide the rabbits in her warren and beyond, at all costs.

Personality: Like a combination of Hazel, Hyzenthlay, and Bigwig: she posesses Hazel's leadership qualities, Hyzenthlay's friendliness and "sixth sense", and finally Bigwig's belligerence: she is always ready for a good fight when the time calls for it. She has a bit of Fiver in her too, in that during especially disturbing visions, she will sometimes go into a trancelike state.

A little Q and A:

"Why Inlé-rah? Isn't that related to darkness, death, and the Black Rabbit?"

That's only the second definition of the Lapine word: Richard Adams describes it as being literally translated to mean "the moon", or "moonrise"(hence Fu Inlé, "after moonrise"). I gave my character this name to give significance to her role as a messenger of Frith; as the moon guides wanderers by night, so Inlé-rah guides the rabbits in her warren and beyond. In addition, she has a ray of moonlight in her silver marking, given to her by Frith, a lot like El-ahrairah's starlight ears. So, the name seemed appropriate.

A bit about the 'real' me, and contact info

There's not a lot for me to say, really.  I'm an American, living in Oregon, in the great Pacific Northwest.^^ I've lived in Oregon all my life, and unlike many others, I love the rainy climate of the North Coast.  My hobbies include website building, photography, birdwatching, reading, drawing, and computer gaming. Due to poor vision, complete deafness in my left ear(both disabilities were present from birth)and Bipolar Disorder II, I cannot drive or work. Thus, I have unlimited time to spend on the Web, gaming, taking photographs, or doing whatever I like. In the years since I built this website, I've become obsessed with World of Warcraft, which my big brother-by-love got me into. After a fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2014, I've become a bit less mobile due to pain, but the silver lining is that I can do things like completely overhaul my website.

I'll decline to say what my first name is: I prefer to be known as Inlé-rah, or any one of my numerous other screen names: it makes me more mysterious. *Wink*

If you'd like to contact me, to talk about my website, Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, or whatever for that matter, don't hesitate to e-mail me, or find me @mysticasgalaxy on Twitter.