22 March 2019: After a very, very long hiatus, the Chief Rabbit has awoken, stepping out into the sun. I have redone the website from the ground up, fixed broken images, edited fonts, and just generally geeked out. Odd how inspiration can come forth again after so many years. Frithrah!

28 March 2019: The TPD soundtrack arrived yesterday, so I added some new, high-resolution images to my TPD Merchandise page. I've also included a Twitter link(instead of just text)on the main page.

Site History(Ascending order)

19 June 2008: Hurrah, the Chief Rabbit has returned! Today, I am proud to announce the arrival of the Big & Beautiful Update. WTF? Why is it big and beautiful? For one, it's the first update I've made here since 15 March 2006. That's a long time! But more importantly, it's literally big and beautiful. Well, maybe not beautiful, but it is big.

I have completely revised the WD Art section. It is divided into two categories, one for my characters, and one for official WD characters. Also, I've gotten rid of those too-tiny-to-see-detail images. Now each image is its original size(low resolution monitors, beware!

 7 July 2008: The most monumental update since Inlé-rah's Warren opened its doors(or rather, burrows)to the outside world back in 2004: having been here for almost four years, and with the 30th anniversary of the WD animated film upon us, I am overjoyed to announce that I have purchased my own domain through Freewebs. From here on out, the site shall be known as http://www.inlerah.net.  This should be the final confirmation to all of my visitors that this site isn't going anywhere. I am now firmly entrenched in the universe that is the internet. It is only fitting, as this is the one website I run that has brought me the most satisfaction: it is near and dear to my heart. I look forward to many more years of Watership Down and The Plague Dogs-themed goodness. Everyone who has ever visited here, signed the guestbook, or perhaps even joined the forum, I thank you.

Old Site Updates, 2004-2006(Ascending)


Friday, 5 November 2004:  Introducing my third and newest website, also the newest WD site!

Tuesday, 30 November: I added a couple of my fan art works, of Hyzenthlay and Fiver.

Saturday, 11 December:  Frithrah! Inlé-rah's Warren goes Premium!  From now on, no ads or pop-ups will ever again disgrace your visits here. You will also notice many more pages in future, and a nifty new template now.  I also added another pic to My WD ArtHappy viewing! :)



Monday, 3 January 2005:  Happy belated New Year, everyone!  The Tag-Board is back, I've put it on it's own page as I promised I would.  I hope you all have fun with it. 

Thursday, 6 January:  I've added a new section today, El-ahrairah vs. the Black Rabbit.  It shows my view on the common debate among WD fans, of whether the Black Rabbit or El-ahrairah comes for Hazel in the final chapter of the novel.

Monday, 31 January:  A reasonably sized update for today: the addition of two new fan art pics by me, and a new section showcasing the Watership Down merchandise that I currently own.

Monday, 21 March: I added two new pics to My WD Art: A picture of Fiver and his vision of the Black Rabbit, and an alternate view of General Woundwort without his injured left eye.

Friday, 29 April:  I've created and added a special dedication page for the Watership Down CD soundtrack.  It includes a short review of the CD, and also the lyrics to the famed "Bright Eyes" single.

Tuesday, 24 May: I made a new page, The Chief's Profile, which includes stats for my fan character, and also a little about the 'real' me, although there's not much to see there.  I added a pic of Bigwig to My WD Art, as well as pics of my newest characters, Myst and Ivy, and added links to my accounts on the popular art site DeviantART.  I also put up a Quote of the Week: this will feature anything from WD quotes to just random things I hear on the internet that I think are worth sharing.  Granted, I may not always be able to update exactly every week, all the same I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 9 August: At long last, an update.  I've announced the soon-to-be-added information pertaining to The Plague Dogs, another beautiful animated feature based on Richard Adams' other famous book.  A pic of my newest WD fan characters can now be seen in My WD Art, and I've added some new web pages in Links.

Thursday, 25 August: I just noticed I now have had over 1000 hits to this site since its creation.  A big 'thank you' to everyone who has visited!  On to the updates: first of all, there is a new section which shows the TPD merchandise I currently own.  Also, I changed the site's subtitle to A "Watership Down/The Plague Dogs" Fan Site.  This is the start of my site's new dual-purpose: to feature info on both animated films.  They're fantastic movies to say the least, and I think they both deserve equal credit. 



Tuesday, 3 January 2006: Two new sections for the New Year, I've finally put up the characters and screen capture pages for The Plague Dogs. I also added a couple of site banners and a new site to the Links page.

Wednesday, 15 March: At last, I've put up the story of how Inlé-rah was blessed by Frith, on its own page under the name Legend of Inlé-rah. It's a cheesy title, but it works, and I can't think of anything better.