My Watership Down Art Gallery
My Watership Down-themed artwork is divided into two sections. Click on Goldfinch to see artwork of my fan characters, or click on the Black Rabbit of Inlé to see my artwork of original characters. All of my artwork is drawn in the Watership Down animated film style. Any artwork dated before 2008 was drawn with pencil, inked, then scanned into my computer, edited, and placed onto Photoshop-created backgrounds. All artwork from 2008 onward was created entirely digitally, using a Bamboo Fun tablet, then colored and edited using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. All images are their original size, save for Zornith, whose pic was originally 1280x800 pixels in resolution.

I have possible plans to draw the iterations of the rabbits in the new Netflix adaptation, but in the original animated film style(I love them both...what can I say?)