My Watership Down Fan Characters
These are the characters I've been inspired to create through the years as a Watership Down fan, for the purpose of roleplaying at my forum in 2005. Although the forum is now gone, these characters forever remain a part of me.
I made her design based on the one used for the female rabbits in the animated film, with Hyzenthlay being my main inspiration.  A messenger of Frith(like El-ahrairah)the silver stripe between her ears glows in darkness, as Frith had placed a single ray of moonlight in it when he blessed her.  Thus, her name, which in Lapine is literally translated as 'the moon', takes on an even greater significance.
Also a messenger of Frith, Myst was sent to Inlé-rah's warren to be a confidante and aid to the Chief.  She was once a lab rabbit in America, but escaped into the English countryside as she was being transferred to a laboratory there. During her travels, she was recruited by the Black Rabbit to be one of his top minions, since she has the ability to see the inner thoughts of others by looking into their eyes. However, she rejected him, and Frith blessed her for her loyalty.
Ivy is the daughter of the legendary Fiver.  As such, I gave her the appearance of her father, but with blue 'Efrafan' eyes like her mother, Vilthuril.  Vilthuril wasn't featured in the animated film, but I nevertheless assume her to have been one of the escaped does.
General Thorn & Captain Dogbane
The daughter of General Woundwort, Thorn deeply admired her father, but despised his treatment of does.  She herself had wanted to join Woundwort's Owsla or Owslafa, but had been turned down, inspiring deeper resentment in her.  As she grew up, she became fierce and relentless as she trained herself to fight, hoping to convince her father that she could serve in the Owsla.
When General Woundwort disappeared and Campion became Efrafa's new Chief, Thorn left the warren with her close friend, an equally ferocious doe named Dogbane.
Thorn gave herself the title of General, naming Dogbane as her second-in-command, envisioning a warren greater than that of her father. She currently resides in a warren which she has named New Efrafa, built beneath the tall trees of a forest, far behind Inlé's down.
Also an Efrafan, Dogbane became a confidante of Thorn, and helped her in training fights. As Captain of Owsla in New Efrafa, she often embarks on lookout missions, spying on warrens and relaying information to Thorn.
Essentially brainwashed by her admiration of Thorn, Dogbane nevertheless has a trait which is her own: a streak of mischief. She takes great delight in playing tricks on the offending side in a war, using her victims as pawns in Thorn's plotting.
The warren which was once Goldfinch's home was overtaken and conquered by General Thorn, and Goldfinch was forced to join Thorn, or die. She did so reluctantly, being one of few survivors in her warren. However, she has never lost her courage or noble spirit, remaining cheerful despite being under the rule of the General. Strong-willed and determined, Goldfinch would be the last rabbit to give up during times of hardship. Her cheerfulness and kindness to others makes her very forgiving, whatever the situation. Thus, she has never felt any animosity toward the General, or Captain Dogbane.
Zornith is a daughter of the Black Rabbit and his mate(he must have one, as he does have an Owsla). When Myst was taken to the Black Rabbit's warren, Zornith tried to befriend her, but was rejected. After Myst left, Zornith felt as betrayed as her father. Now, she wishes to seek out Myst, and try to reconcile the past.
Zornith is headstrong with a quick temper, not letting anyone or anything get in her way. As a child of the Black Rabbit(I'm sure he has many)she is immortal, and capable of scaring the daylights out of mortals. She has sharp claws, not blunted by digging, as she refuses to do so, and is not afraid to use them as weapons to her advantage. Not truly evil, she is inherently outgoing and friendly, just with dark tendencies, for obvious reasons. She loves to run, and often whilst running, will make great leaps and float over the downs.

(The Lapine word 'Zorn', represents a terrible catastrophic event. "Zornith" is an improvised name I made up based upon this word, with a similarity to the name Flyairth(the audacious doe in Tales from Watership Down).

Concept art of another version of me as a WD rabbit

It's been years since I've set stylus to tablet, but occasionally, I get inspired...which led to this randomness one day. A small, determined, hot-headed doe, fur blowing in the wind. It was signed under yet another of my online aliases.